How to prepare Case Study materials for CIPAST Naples training workshop

You can download the case study guidelines here.

The aim of the exercise is to get participants actively involved in the learning process so that they become aware of some of the difficulties of design and implementation of public participation in practice. Conceived as a problem-solving exercise, the idea is to develop tools that enable participants to work in small groups with the assistance of CIPAST members. The case leaders propose a set of tasks to be performed by participants using the support materials and create the conditions for a rich interaction on each case.


The Case Study ID Card

The Case Study ID Card is the identity card of the case, and enables a quick overview of the case possibilities for a potential user (a Napoli Workshop participant, but also a potential user of CIPAST training package such as a facilitator, someone thinking about using the exercise, or a person interested in public participation issues). It contains the following items:

1. Title
2. Short description of the case
3. Training objectives
4. Training method
5. Previous knowledge required
6. Materials
7. Resources and further reading
8. Contact

Download a template for the case study ID card

Case Study Session Guideline

The session guideline is conceived as a short presentation (a 30 minutes PowerPoint presentation, for instance) that will serve to introduce the Case Study to the session attendants, and specify the aims and the prospect of the exercise. >>more

Poster Session

In order to realize your poster for the CIPAST 2nd training workshop, you can choose to use either the enclosed standard layout or your own layout.

If you use the CIPAST template, please send it to Delphine Ducolombier by the 20th May. It will be printed for you and taken to Napels for the workshop.
Otherwise, please send a pdf version of your poster to Delphine Ducolombier by the 31st May. In that case you will be in charge of the edition and printing of your poster by yourself. 
All posters will be available on CIPAST website by the beginning of June.

Please download the guidelines to build your poster using the offered template.

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