CIPAST work programme is scheduled to last three years. The Cité des sciences et de l'industrie will be in charge with the scientific co-ordination. The CIPAST steering committee will hold at least five meetings, in order to examine, discuss and approve the reports presented by each workpackage.

Networking is a permanent activity of the whole consortium, but will be co-ordinated by Imedia, Université de Lausanne. The discussion lists, website and bi-monthly newsletter will be launched during the first year of the project, and will be maintained up to the end, under co-ordination of the Bonn Science Shop. The possible participation to a common public conference, with other European programmes involved in participatory processes will be discussed during year 3 of the project (2007).

The planning workshops will take place in October 2006. The conception, as well as preparation and production of training material will be opened to +/- 40 organisations, who do not belong to CIPAST consortium, but have a significant experience of participatory initiatives;

The training workshops will take place in October 2007 and will be opened to 60 new partners or potential users. As outcome of this process, training material will be made available for larger use, on DVD support and on-line.

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