CIPAST and the objectives of Science and Society

The development of initiatives, which extend the social basis for deliberation and decision-making in scientific-technological fields, has its roots in various arenas and bodies which belong to different spheres and are not always linked together. Bringing these actors together, pooling their various capacities, and integrating their various contextual perspectives through a common platform, will provide an opportunity to disseminate useful practices more efficiently. It will boost innovation and foster the emergence of a European culture of participatory democracy in scientific and technological issues ... >>more

Fostering the transfer of expertise!

During the next years the partners working in the CIPAST project will realise a corpus of training tools. Based on case-studies and tested in training sessions, training programmes will be implemented to meet the pragmatic needs of the potential users. The development of this training ... >>more

Structuring an European network

With the principal instruments of its networking activity such as workshops, training sessions, discussions lists, newsletter and website, CIPAST will give priority to involve the various actors coming from the civil society. To expand the circle of societal participants ... >>more

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