Science-society interface

Within the University of Lausanne, Science-society interface is a department that promotes public awareness and critical dialogue on science and technology. To achieve this objective, Science-society inferface works in collaboration with different actors, including science museums, schools, researchers, the Science Technology and Society (STS) community and the public at large. Moreover, in the French part of Switzerland, it co-ordinates the "Réseau Romand Science et Cité", a network of 30 museums and science centres and universities, that develops common initiatives. It is also involved in the design of scientific exhibitions. The Science-society interface recently established a public laboratory open to schools and the general public: L´Eprouvette.

It conducts interdisciplinary research on technological risks and the involvement of civil society in science and technology issues (participatory Technology Assessment, technical democracy, etc.). It contributes to different courses in the fields of scientific communication and social studies of science.



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