Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (INSERM)

INSERM is the main French public research institute. Its main fields of activity are entirely dedicated to human health. With a total budget of 450 million euros, 350 laboratories carry out research on human diseases, from the rarest to the most frequent ones. Moreover, INSERM is aware of the growing participatory role of patient organisations in the field of biomedical research. In 2003, INSERM launched a reflection on that specific topic, notably by organising a series of 21 meetings across France on clinical research, in collaboration with patient organisations (January 2003). INSERM initiated the setting up of a consultative group with scientists involved, at different levels, in patient organisations. This initiative was aimed at making concrete proposals and developing the participation of these organisations in the institute.
A meeting, held in October 2003, involved 200 leaders of patient organisations in order to discuss topics such as participation, dialogue and openness with INSERM.

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