Wissenschaftsladen Bonn (Bonn Science Shop)

Established in 1984 as a registered non-profit organisation the Bonn Science Shop wants to reduce the chasm between university & citizens. The overall mission of Science Shops is to: widen the access to existing scientific knowledge; contribute to the awareness of the impact of science in society; train students and young scientists to undertake community based research; and communicate knowledge to lay people. The work of the Bonn Science Shop gives special emphasis to the topics of civil society & sustainability, environment & health, as well as the labour market. Here, experts provide information not only in one-on-one consultations, through on-location measurements, press-releases, information brochures, & lectures but also in professional-enhancement training.

When appropriate, the Bonn Science Shop co-operates with other Science Shops in Germany or on an international level in the Living Knowledge Network ( to enable multidisciplinary research, dissemination of results and education. The Bonn Science Shop has a 25 persons staff and is one of the Science Shops that has been involved, from the very beginning, in the EU-supported projects SCIPAS (Study & Conference on Improving Public Access to Science through Science Shops), ISSNET (Improving Science Shop Networking) and TRAMS (Training and Mentoring of Science Shops).

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