The Rathenau Institute (RI)

The Rathenau Institute is an independent organisation established and financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The organisation carries out TA studies and advises the national parliament on the possible social, economic and environmental impact of new sciences and technologies. The main goal of the Rathenau Institute is to support social and political opinion making on issues arising from technological and scientific developments. The Institute therefore organises public meetings, stimulates research and informs the public on topics usually related to the political agenda or deriving from societal claims. The Rathenau Institute works in co-operation with other TA institutions within the EPTA (European Parliamentary Technology Assessment) network and has recently participated in the EUROPTA (European Participatory Technology Assessment) and TAMI  projects.

Over the years, the Rathenau Institute has acquired experience in a wide range of methods and techniques, including literature and scenario studies, opinion polls, public panels, public or closed hearings, various types of workshops, symposia, video clips, discussions and debates. Following the "Danish model", The Rathenau Institute organised, between 1991 and 1998, a Citizens' Conference on Genetically Modified Food (GMF).

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