Conferences and Workshops

October, 24-27, 2007
Participatory Research-Action and Territorial Development
Huelva, Spain


30 August 2007 - 1 September 2007 
Communities building knowledge
Innovation through citizens’ science and university engagement

Paris, France
The conference will provide a forum where information on community based research, carried out in both community and academic settings, on new forms of partnerships between research and civil society and on new modes of innovation, can be shared and developed.


November, 10-15 2006
IAP2 2006 Annual Conference
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
The 2006 annual conference of the International Association for Public Participation will give practitioners an improved conceptual understanding of „the decision“.  Those who make the final decision will share their point of view on the importance and benefits of involving the public before, during, and after a decision is made. The conference will focus on the decision through the eyes of the decision maker; a distinctive perspective for public participation practitioners.


November, 3-4  2006
Genes, Brain/Mind and Behaviour
EMBL/EMBO Science & Society conference at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg, Germany


October, 5-6 2006

International Conference: "Sustainable development of territories and risk governance: A participatory governance for Europe"

The objective of the conference is to identify new forms of participatory governance of hazardous situations and activities in practice, in the conext of the sustainable development of territories.

Dunkirk, France.


August, 23-26 2006
EASST 2006
European Association for the Study of Science and Technology: Reviewing humanness: bodies, technologies and spaces, Lausanne, Switzerland


August 21-24 2006
Participatory Research, Standards and Ethics
Groningen - The Netherlands

The central theme "Standards and ethics in participatory research" will provide a key focus for the Congress. Participants will explore the wide range of exciting and informative topics and issues that have emerged from their practice in action research, action learning and associated approaches to inquiry.

More ö


July 15-19, 2006
European Science Open Forum
Munich, Germany


June 21-25, 2006
CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation
6th CIVICUS World Assembly: Acting Together For a Just World
This Assembly will bring together over a thousand civil society representatives from around the world under the theme ‘Acting together for a just world’.


November, 14 2006
Anthropos Café, Bâtiment Amphipôle, UNIL
Dans ce séminaire, il s'agira de donner un brève présentation d'une "toile de fond" sociologique des dispositifs de participation collective. On abordera les mutations du rapport à la norme et au savoir et des cadres et théories sociologiques et communicationnelles pour analyser les pratiques... >>more

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